Hurstbourne Priors,  Hampshire  -  St Andrew's Church
12th century

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Notes in italics from Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by Nikolaus Pevsner and David Lloyd (1967)
Yale University Press, New Haven and London. Other information from the church leaflet.

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Neo-Norman W tower of yellow brick, built deplorably late, in 1870. The architects were Clark & Holland. But the doorway is original. Arch with zigzag and rosettes in shallow relief. To the same predecessor building belongs the arch now to the N chapel, but originally no doubt from nave to chancel. It has exactly the same ornamental motifs.

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Early C13 chancel with lancets and priest's doorway. East window with late 15th century tracery.
N chapel Elizabethan with straight-headed windows (of five lights to E and W), but with arched lights.
The nave was rebuilt in the 19th century with windows in the Perpendicular style of 15th century. C18 S chapel of brick (for the use of the Portsmouth family).

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Nave and chancel. The chancel arch probably dates from the 16th century when the north chapel was built and the Norman chancel arch moved to provide the entrance from chancel to chapel.

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Monument. Robert Oxenbridge, died 1574, between chancel and N chapel, and open to both. The arch and jambs are patterned with the simplest geometrical motifs. Two recumbent effigies of stone, not good. Tomb-chest with kneeling children on both sides. Also detached Doric colonnettes at the angles. Above them the Ionic columns l. and r. of the arch for the effigies. Top achievement.

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Arcade in the east end of the chancel with some 12th century ornamentation.
Entrance doorway at west end of nave (19th century).
Norman font of the 12th century contructed of Caen stone.  



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